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Reconnecting after 30 years: How Methodist Girls High School Global Alumni Association
brought us back together

Dr. Lena Huballah

Have you ever had the chance to reconnect with old classmates after several decades of being
apart? It is an experience that can bring about a range of emotions. Dr Lena Huballah had
the opportunity to do just that in 2017 and 2018, and the nostalgia and cherished feelings
that came with it were immeasurable.

Thanks to the Methodist Girls High School (MGHS) Global Alumni Association, Dr Huballah was
able to reconnect with her former classmates and build new relationships. The purple and
white checkered uniform that they all wore connected them in more ways than one. But it
wasn’t just about reminiscing on the good old days. The Vision of MGHS Global is to empower
the girl child, connect with our sisters, build new relationships, and support one another.

During one of their fundraising events, which was also a Thanksgiving celebration, Dr
Huballah was reminded of the importance of the connections she had made through MGHS Global.
Even though she was not heavily involved in the organization at the time, the reconnection
with her sisters whom she had not seen in years was the most memorable part of the weekend.

Imagine having the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones while also
empowering and supporting each other. That is the kind of experience that MGHS Global
offers, and it is one that you don’t want to miss. Join MGHS Global today and be a part of a
community that values connection, empowerment, and support.

Official Address for MGHS Global Alumni:

12530 Fairwood Pkwy Ste 102 PMB 515, Bowie, MD 20720
Telephone: (240) 441-3767

MGHS Global Achievements in 2022

MGHS Global has achieved significant milestones in the year 2022. The organization
reinstated its 501(c)(3) with the state of Maryland and the IRS, which allows donors to
claim their charitable donations on the school website. The organization also received a
letter of approval from the Methodist proprietors in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Moreover, the
MGHSOGA parent branch sent an acknowledgment letter, and the two organizations are working
together to bring back the school’s esteemed glory days.

MGHS Global has also embarked on several projects, including refurbishing twenty-five
bathrooms and donating $5,000 to the Freetown Parent branch to help bring the school to one
shift. The school has been roofed, and photos of the refurbished bathrooms and roofing have
been uploaded on the website.

MGHS Global has also expressed its willingness to coexist and work together with the MGHS
Washington branch in their fundraising, but unfortunately, they did not receive any
acknowledgment of their letter from them.

The executive team pleads with all members to have all hands on deck and pay their
registration fees for 2022 as they approach 2023. The organization is looking forward to
doing great and mighty things in 2023, God willing. The organization’s mission statement is
“No girl child left behind.”

In conclusion, MGHS Global has achieved significant milestones in 2022, and the organization
looks forward to accomplishing more in the coming years. The executive team congratulates
each member for their contribution, which is of great significance to the organization’s