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Welcome to MGHS Global

"Our mission today and for the next few years is to help give back, bring back, and sustain the drive and motivation of the current and future students of the MGHS in achieving an elite education in a conducive learning environment." -Khadija Beatty Burkelo, President.

In her welcome remarks, President Khadija Beatty Burkelo expresses her honor and pride in assuming the role of President of the esteemed MGHS Global Association. She commends the interim executive and members for their commitment to the mission and highlights their diligent efforts in organizing fundraising campaigns. The Association's goal is to raise $500,000.00 by May 2024, with the donations dedicated to transforming the lives of current students at the Methodist Girls’ High School in Sierra Leone. President Burkelo emphasizes the importance of providing a better learning environment, including uniforms, books, transportation, sex education, abstinence guidance, and clean drinking water, while also working towards reducing student congestion by constructing additional buildings. She urges everyone to join their fundraising efforts, emphasizing the Association's commitment to bringing positive change and sustaining the students' academic journey.

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Methodist Girls
High School

The Methodist Girls High School was founded on January 1, 1880, with the objective of giving women in Sierra Leone a sound Christian education. It started off as the Wesleyan Educational Female Institute. The actual work of the Institution began under the supervision of Mrs. E. H. C. Weymouth, the first principal. Staff for the school was recruited from the Wesleyan Deaconess College in England. Mr. James Taylor, a prominent member of the Wesleyan Missionary Society was the Managing Director.

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The school's vision is to pursue high quality education and contribute to high standards, by training well-motivated pupils who should achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.

One of the goals of the Association is to make sure that the majority of students in need receive help which will enable them to study in a better environment and to be provided with uniforms, books, transportation, sex education and abstinence, and pure drinking water. Erecting another building, will help reduce student’s congestion and pave the way for students to attend school in a single morning shift. To achieve this noble goal, we will continue to be committed as dedicated members of this Branch. Kindly visit the events section of the Association’s website to apprise yourselves of our activities, and mark your calendars so that you also can be a part of the vision to improve and sustain the living conditions of our students.