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History Methodist Girls High School

The Methodist Girls High School was founded on January 1, 1880, with the objective of giving women in Sierra Leone a sound Christian education. It started off as the Wesleyan Educational Female Institute. The actual work of the Institution began under the supervision of Mrs. E. H. C. Weymouth, the first principal. Staff for the school was recruited from the Wesleyan Deaconess College in England. Mr. James Taylor, a prominent member of the Wesleyan Missionary Society was the Managing Director. He worked hard in promoting the well-being of the institution until his death in 1901.

The school was then given to the Wesleyan Missionary Society and Mrs. W. T. Balmer, the wife of the principal of the Wesleyan Boys High School, became the second principal. In 1905, the name of the School was changed to Wesleyan Girls High School. It was first in 1932, that the school assumed its present name – The Methodist Girls High School. In 1880, there were 55 pupils on role; in 1946 there were 155, in 1980, there were 600, in the year 2000 the count was 1500 and at present there are 2300 pupils on role.

The Methodist Girls High School has in the more than 134 years of its existence sought to reduce the gender disparity in education, and promote the access of young girls of Sierra Leone to secondary education.

Entry Requirements and National Examinations

In order to be eligible for acceptance into the Junior Secondary School program, pupils must have passed the National Primary School Examination. At the end of the 3 years of J.S.S., pupils take an exam known as the Basic Education Certificate Exam that qualifies them for entry into the Senior Secondary School Program, further technical or vocational education or some form of employment.

At the end of three years of Senior Secondary School, pupils then take the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations that qualify them for tertiary or higher education at universities, professional schools, polytechnics, technical and vocational institutions


The Methodist Girls' High School has contributed to the lives of thousands of women, who have during their time there gained academic excellence and afterwards pursued distinction and now are prominent in religious, legal, social, medical, financial, educational, secretarial, political and administrative fields in Africa, Europe and America .

Many of these women came together and formed alumnae associations in different parts of the world. The most prominent branches are the Old Girls' Associations in the United Kingdom and those in the United States of America. Excerpts courtesy of

MGHS Global aspires towards an objective for the enhancement of our Alma Mater. Under its leadership of an old girl who can influence and attract the diverse group of old girls from all background within the decades, MGHS Global will work with other old girls association with whom it shares the same objectives.