Address: 12530 Fairwood Pkwy Ste 102 PMB 515, Bowie, MD 20720
Phone: (240) 441-3767


MGHS Global achieved significant milestones in 2022. The organization reinstated its 501(c)(3) status with the state of Maryland and the IRS, enabling donors to claim their charitable donations on the school website. They also received a letter of approval from the Methodist proprietors in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Additionally, the MGHSOGA parent branch sent an acknowledgment letter, and the two organizations are working together to bring back the school's esteemed glory days.

MGHS Global embarked on several projects, including refurbishing twenty-five bathrooms and donating $5,000 to the Freetown Parent branch to help bring the school to one shift. The school has been roofed, and photos of the refurbished bathrooms and roofing have been uploaded to the website.

MGHS Global expressed willingness to coexist and work with the MGHS Washington branch in their fundraising efforts.

The executive team pleads with all members to remain active and pay their annual dues. With "No girl child left behind" as their driving mission, MGHS Global looks forward to accomplishing more tremendous and mighty things in 2023, God willing.

MGHS Global achieved significant milestones in 2022, and the organization looks forward to accomplishing more in the coming years. The executive team congratulates each member for their contribution, which has greatly benefited the organization's progress.